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Our Logging and Paging System.

The new Quickpass logging and paging system is the latest in nurse call integration technology, utilising the popular Microsoft SQL database, options for exporting and extracting data is completely user customisable, while keeping simplicity of use in mind. The logging system is capable for site linking, so if your facility has multiple sites, the history and data can be combined for comparison.

The system is designed to support the latest operating systems and is compatible with multiple systems. For example, it can log BMS alarms (Honneywell/ Schnieder/ TAC), Nurse call alarms (Smartlink, Sedco, Austco, Questek, Raulands and Careplus), fire alarms and generic party systems.

Should a custom interface be required, we can program event strings on the fly to match your equipment. We can also implement client specified advertising on the software such as company logo, canteen lunch menus or community events that can be broadcasted on multiple monitors throughout the facility.

Quickpass Messenger App

Check Out our Quickpass App.

The interactive below demonstrates how the quickpass user interface can log and report statistical data. Give it a try!

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