SAFECo's highly experienced team of engineers continues to provide healthcare organizations with the most innovative products on the market, whilst ensuring maximum reliability and flexibility.


Our commitment to the research and development of communications systems for healthcare providers creates industry first solutions unrivalled by any other manufacturer. A recent example of this includes releasing the only dual core processor nurse call system in the world.

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PoE Nurse Call : Momentary Buttons : Latching Buttons : Intelligent Buttons : Wet Area Buttons : Wireless Buttons : PoE Call Points : LED Display Driver (LDD)

  • Momentary Buttons
  • Latching Buttons
  • Wet Area Buttons
  • Wireless Buttons
  • Multifunction Buttons
  • MB
  • LB
  • WAB
  • WB
  • MF
  • PoE Call Point
  • LED Display Driver (LDD)
  • PoE
  • LDD


The PoE (Power over Ethernet) multi-function station provides independent call, assist and cancel buttons, in addition to 3 auxiliary sockets for a variety of patient/resident requirements. The ability to connect a pendant, bed mat, floor mat, beam wand, bed wet sensor is readily available within this compact call station.

The standard range is available in a variety of call button colours and membrane descriptions. The cancel button and text background is always grey. Modules are assembled on a one gang plastic plate (complete with blank surround) for wall mounting. A call can be made by pressing the button on the call station or on a pendant connected to the station. When a call is made, a red reassurance LED below the call button illuminates. This provides local indication that the system has received the call and guides the attending staff member to the call location. Pressing the cancel button will reset the call and extinguish the LED.

This call station may be used in areas such as patient rooms and other areas where a call cancel station is required. The call station is only available with RJ45 connectors.

Main Features

  • Independent call, assist and cancel buttons
  • 3 qty 6.5mm auxiliary sockets (optional)
  • Reading light relay contacts 12 volt DC only (PoE)
  • Integrated LED reassurance light to provide positive reassurance to the patient
  • Robust Construction for durability and reliability
  • Assembly will fit any standard flat wall plate or service duct
  • Easy to press button, easily activated from almost any angle
  • RTLS dual technology receivers (optional)
  • PoE class 802.3AF/AT


The PoE (Power over Ethernet) LDD (LED Display Driver) provides the ability to plug in dual displays over a client’s IP network. The LDD is a PoE class 802.3AF/AT compliant device. All PoE call points contain SAFECo’s embedded RTLS capabilities providing a cost saving opportunity for customers as the installation of two separate systems is not required.